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Green Day - Shenanigans LP


Image of Green Day - Shenanigans LP

These are all b-sides from Dookie - Warning era. There are a few covers... The Kinks, the Ramones. Ha Ha You're Dead was released as a single and was a new song at the time of this release in 2002.

A1 Suffocate
A2 Desensitized
A3 You Lied
A4 Outsider
A5 Don't Wanna Fall In Love
A6 Espionage
A7 I Want To Be On T.V.
B1 Scumbag
B2 Tired Of Waiting For You
B3 Sick Of Me
B4 Rotting
B5 Do Da Da
B6 On The Wagon
B7 Ha Ha You're Dead