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Get-Punk LP discount combo packs

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You get 2 LP's from one band for a lower price. In other words, if you bought them separately then they'd cost a lot more.

Atom and His Package LP Pack $29.99

Atom and His Package - s/t LP
A1 Avenger A2 He Kissed Me (Dancy Pants Version) A3 Snowshoe BBQ A4 Scary Sloop A5 Mark Scott A6 Collateral Damage A7 Minds Playin' Tricks On Me A8 Well Fed Fucking Sequencer A9 Chris And His Connor (Whom I Already Love) A10 Books My Dog, The Box, Brian Sokel, & Me B11 Head (She's Just A) B12 After School Special Stands For ASS B13 She's In The Bathroom & She's Shaking Me Till Tomorrow B14 Tim Allen Is Not Very Funny B15 Jeb Bell B16 Where Eagles Dare B17 He Kissed Me (Nice & EZ) B18 Martha Is Flanged Like A Hippo B19 Atom And His Package B20 Twelve Years Old Forever

Atom and His Package - A Society of People Named Elihu LP
A1 Punk Rock Academy A2 Happy Birthday Ralph A3 Goalie A4 80's Bastard A5 People In This Computer Lab Should Shut The Hell Up A6 Waiting Room A7 Jenny S. A8 Philadelphia A9 Meatball A10 Happy Birthday General B11 Sting Cannot Possibly Be The Same Guy Who Was In The Police B12 Me And My Black Metal Friends B13 180 Lbs. B14 Break Down The Walls B15 You Took Me By Surprise B16 Reset The Crotchelator B17 Connor, Welcome B18 No Head B19 Pat And Atom Are Friends B20 No Way DNA

Filthy Thieving Bastards LP Pack $29.99

Our Fathers Sent Us LP (Orange Vinyl)
A1 Take Me To The Medics A2 Bastard's Wrath A3 Thick A4 Early Sunday Morning A5 Red Roses B1 Hopeless Vows B2 On The Way Down B3 S.S.S. B4 Deliver Me

A Melody Of Retreads And Broken Quills LP
A1 Death Is Not The End A2 Counterfeit Cassius Clay A3 Mountain Tomb A4 Gene And Jean A5 Wasting Away A6 Between The Lines A7 Afterthoughts B1 Bitter Old Son B2 Trolly's Sum B3 Waltzing In My Spew B4 Wait By The Door B5 Grave Me B6 The Killing Kind B7 Aberfan B8 An Otherwise Sunny Day

Red City Radio LP Pack $27.99

To the Sons & Daughters of Woody Guthrie 12"
A1 Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads A2 No One Believes In Moons & Goochers A3 We Are The Sons Of Woody Guthrie B1 If All Else Fails Play Dead
B2 Dead Friends Don't Pay Debts

Sky Tigers 12" EP
A1. If You Want Blood (Be My Guest) A2. I'll Still Be Around A3. In The Shadows A4. Rebels A5. Sky Tigers

The Slow Death LP Pack $29.99

No Heaven 12"
A1 A Little Less Ugly A2 Nowhere Left To Sleep A3 I Need A Drink A4 No Heaven A5 On Your Own B1 Raise Your Head Up B2 Nothing Is Cool
B3 Breathin B4 Hang Up The Phone

Punishers LP
A1 Central Air A2 Be The One A3 Picking You Up A4 All We Know A5 Its Not Enough A6 Overrated A7 Classic Dilemma B1 The Ballad Of Amy From Esco
B2 Bored To Death B3 Jeane B4 Anything B5 Voice 47 B6 Panic B7 Rick James Dilemma