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Exploding Hearts - Guitar Romantic LP


Image of Exploding Hearts - Guitar Romantic LP

The same distro that told me these were going out of circulation sold more copies to me. I'll take them as long as they last.

The Exploding Hearts were an up-and-coming band in the Pacific Northwest in the early 00's. They were in a van accident in 2003 that killed three members of the band. When you hear this record you will wonder what levels of success they could have achieved. This album is full of pop songs played by a band that sounds similar to Generation X. It's a different kind of punk, but in some respects it is as strong a debut album as Dropkick Murphys "Do or Die" which, in my opinion, is the benchmark for a great debut punk record.

A1 Modern Kicks
A2 I'm A Pretender
A3 Thorns In Roses
A4 You're Black & Blue
A5 Sleeping Aides & Razorblades
B1 Rumours In Town
B2 Throwaway Style
B3 Boulevard Trash
B4 Jailbird
B5 Still Crazy