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Direct Hit! on vinyl


Image of Direct Hit! on vinyl
  • Image of Direct Hit! on vinyl
  • Image of Direct Hit! on vinyl
  • Image of Direct Hit! on vinyl

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Direct Hit! has gone from Red Scare to Fat Wreck and have amassed a solid batch of albums. They're different from the other bands on Fat in that they use a keyboard on their records and they layer big hooks. The singer has a touch of that Tom Delonge accent to his voice. This band has really strong songs. From Milwaukee, WI.

Brainless God LP $16.99
Direct Hit!'s 2013 album on Red Scare Industries.

A1 On And On
A2 The World Is Ending (No One Cares)
A3 Buried Alive
A4 Getting What He Asked For
A5 White Robes
A6 Heaven Is A Black Hole
B1 We're Fucked
B2 Bank Of Elevators
B3 Back To The Tower
B4 I Told You A Lie

Wasted Mind LP $17.99
Direct Hit!'s 2016 Fat Wreck debut.

A1 A Message To Young People
A2 Artificial Confidence
A3 Forced To Sleep
A4 Paid In Brains
A5 Promised Land
A6 Hospital For Heroes
B1 Was It The Acid?
B2 Another Dimension
B3 Bleach Music
B4 Infinite Pills, Infinite Alcohol
B5 Villain Alcoholic
B6 Do The Sick

Crown of Nothing LP $17.99
Direct Hit!'s brand new 2018 album just released on Fat Wreck.

A1 Different Universe
A2 Welcome to Heaven
A3 Pain/Boredom
A4 Altered States
A5 Perfect Black
A6 Bad Answer
A7 Life in Hell
B1 Something We Won’t Talk About
B2 You & I (Are Nothing But Lies)
B3 The Problem
B4 Bliss Addiction
B5 Losing Faith
B6 Disassemble
B7 Heaven’s End

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