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Dillinger Four on vinyl


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  • Image of Dillinger Four on vinyl
  • Image of Dillinger Four on vinyl

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Midwestern Songs of the Americas LP $19.99
This album was in the first wave of a new sound that began taking off in the late 90's. D4 has grown to be legendary. After the first 2 minutes of this album you will understand why. This is a band that has inspired a thousand bands who have all gone on to be the popular bands of today.

A1 O.K. F.M. D.O.A.
A2 #51 Dick Butkus
A3 It's A Fine Line Between The Monkey And The Robot
A4 Portrait Of The Artist As A Fucking Asshole
A5 Twenty-One Said Three Times Quickly
A6 Super Powers Enable Me To Blend In With Machinery
B1 Doublewhiskeycokenoice
B2 Supermodels Don't Drink Colt .45
B3 Shut Your Little Trap, Inc.
B4 Mosh For Jesus
B5 Hand Made Hard Times Handed Back

Situationist Comedy LP $17.99
Dillinger Four's 2002 album. This is their third album and their first on Fat Wreck Chords.

A1 ¡¡Noble Stabbings!!
A2 A Floater Left With Pleasure In The Executive Washroom.
A3 Fuzzy Pink Hand-Cuffs
A4 The Father, The Son, And The Homosexual / Single Parent
A5 Sellthehousesellthecarsellthekidsfindsomeoneelseforgetiti' mnevercomingbackforgetit
A6 Folk Song.
A7 Fired-Side Chat
B1 "I Was Born On A Pirate Ship" (Hold Your Tongue)
B2 D4 = Putting The "F" Back In "Art".
B3 All Rise For The Rational Anthem.
B4 Labourissuesinthetoydepartment
B5 File Under "Adult Urban Contemporary"
B6 New Punk Fashions For The Spring Formal