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Culture Abuse - Bay Dream LP (limited yellow vinyl)


Image of Culture Abuse - Bay Dream LP (limited yellow vinyl)

This band is absolutely fantastic. Their previous album, Peach, was a featured title in the Get-Punk Subscription Club in April 2018. This new album, Bay Dream, has since been released by Epitaph Records. The great songwriting is the same as the previous album. The guitars are toned down a little making them sound a little less Nirvana with Joey Ramone singing to sounding a bit more like the Strokes. That's just what my ears are hearing. Maybe you'll hear something entirely different. Scroll down to stream a song.

A1 Bay Dream
A2 Rats In The Walls
A3 Dip
A4 Bee Kind To The Bugs
A5 S'Why
B1 California Speedball
B2 Calm E
B3 Dave's Not Here (I Got The Stuff Man)
B4 Dozy
B5 Bluebird On My Shoulder