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BYO Split Series 3: Rancid/NOFX LP


Image of BYO Split Series 3: Rancid/NOFX LP

The BYO Split Series ran from 1999 to 2004. They usually included some solid originals, a cool cover and maybe a cover of the band on the other side of the record.

BYO Split Series 3: Rancid/NOFX (2002)
This one is exclusively covers. Rancid plays NOFX songs. NOFX plays Rancid songs. This is the only record in the series that doesn't have an A side and B side (or Side 1 and Side 2). Even the etching labels them as Side N or Side R. These copies have the orange cover.

N1 NOFX I'm The One
N2 NOFX Olympia WA
N3 NOFX Tenderloin
N4 NOFX Antennaes
N5 NOFX Corozon De Oro
N6 NOFX Radio
R1 Rancid Moron Bros
R2 Rancid Stickin In My Eye
R3 Rancid Bob
R4 Rancid Don't Call Me White
R5 Rancid Brews
R6 Rancid Vanilla Sex