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Choking Victim - No Gods / No Managers LP


Image of Choking Victim - No Gods / No Managers LP
  • Image of Choking Victim - No Gods / No Managers LP

Thank God they repressed this because this is the album that keeps on selling.

Choking Victim were the real deal. They were squatter punks down in NYC. Bike couriers and whatnot. I booked them for a show here in Boston and two of them hitchhiked to the show. They were also head and shoulders above every other band on that show from a quality standard. It was just evident that a few good bands and one great band had played.

When Hell-Cat announced their initial roster it was no surprise to see Choking Victim on the list. It was surprising to see that they had tracked them down, but not surprising that they made the cut. You can't make punk rock lifers like those guys adhere to deadlines. Their album didn't get released until the second wave of Hell-Cat bands. But they were part of the initial announcement. That's a free story you didn't ask for.

Everyone is familiar with Leftover Crack. Choking Victim was essentially the predecessor band to Leftover Crack. Sort of like how Operation Ivy gave way to Rancid. Coincidentally both have a revered history.

A1 500 Channels
A2 In Hell
A3 Crack Rock Steady
A4 Suicide (A Better Way)
A5 In My Grave
A6 Fucked Reality
A7 Money
B1 Hate Yer State
B2 Fuck America
B3 War Story
B4 Five-Finger Discount
B5 Praise To The Sinners
B6 Living The Laws
B7 Crack Rock Steady (Alternate Version)