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Anti-Flag - The Bright Lights of America 2xLP


Image of Anti-Flag - The Bright Lights of America 2xLP

This is one of Anti-Flag's most underrated albums. It was released in 2008 on RCA, their second major label album. A-F Records retained the rights to the vinyl and here we are. Don't buy the more expensive Music on Vinyl version; this one is $10 cheaper and comes directly from the band.

Musically, this is like Anti-Flag's London Calling. The songs are more complex than you'll realize. Damn, are they catchy too.

A1 Good And Ready
A2 The Bright Lights Of America
A3 Vices
A4 The Modern Rome Burning
A5 If You Wanna Steal
B1 No Warning
B2 Spit In The Face
B3 We Are The Lost
B4 Go West
B5 Smartest Bomb
C1 Shadow Of The Dead
C2 The Ink And The Quill
C3 Tar And Sagebrush
C4 I'm So Sick Of You (Bonus Track)
C5 Wake Up The Town (Bonus Track)