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Anti-Flag on vinyl (2009 - current)


Image of Anti-Flag on vinyl (2009 - current)
  • Image of Anti-Flag on vinyl (2009 - current)
  • Image of Anti-Flag on vinyl (2009 - current)
  • Image of Anti-Flag on vinyl (2009 - current)
  • Image of Anti-Flag on vinyl (2009 - current)

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Anti-Flag has so many records out there that I need to condense them.

The People or the Gun LP $18.99
Their 2009 SideOneDummy debut. They come back steaming from their stint on a major label. This was the first of two excellent albums that they did with SideOneDummy.

A1 Sodom, Gomorrah, Washington D.C. (Sheep In Shepherd's Clothing)
A2 The Economy Is Suffering...Let It Die
A3 The Gre(a)t Depression
A4 We Are The One
A5 You Are Fired (Take This Job, Ah, F**k It)
B1 This Is The First Night
B2 No War Without Warriors (How Do You Sleep?)
B3 When All The Lights Go Out
B4 On Independence Day
B5 The Old Guard
B6 Teenage Kennedy Lobotomy (Bonus Track)

The General Strike LP 2012 $17.99
Anti-Flag come back blazing on this 2012 album on Side One Dummy Records. The entire album runs 28 minutes and features career stand-outs like The Ghosts of Alexandria, Neoliberal Anthem and Broke Bones. A+ in my book.

A1 Controlled Opposition
A2 The Neoliberal Anthem
A3 1915
A4 This Is The New Sound
A5 Bullshit Opportunist
A6 The Ranks Of The Masses Rising
B1 Turn A Blind Eye
B2 Broken Bones
B3 I Don't Wanna
B4 Nothing Recedes Like Progress
B5 Resist
B6 The Ghosts Of Alexandria

Cease Fires (Picture Disc LP) 2015 A-F Records $17.99
This record is limited to 1,000 and each is hand numbered. The songs are a compilation of songs from the 20 Years of Hell 7" series and unreleased songs from the American Spring sessions. All of the previously released songs on this compilation are re-recorded and done in unique arrangements.

A1 Coward In My Veins
A2 The New Jim Crow
A3 Kill The Rich
A4 Twenty Years Of Hell
A5 The Consumer's Song
A6 Bring Out Your Dead
A7 Mumia's Song
B1 Wake Up
B2 The W.T.O. Kills Farmers
B3 No Future
B4 The Ink And The Quill (Be Afraid)
B5 The Great Depression
B6 The Ghosts Of Alexandria
B7 Close My Eyes

American Spring LP $22.99
Anti-Flag's 2015 album on Spinefarm Records. This one has been out of print for a while and just got its first repressing since its initial release. If you think you know what to expect from Anti-Flag then think again. American Spring and American Fall represent a new Anti-Flag. They still sound like the same band but their songwriting has taken a turn for the amazing. If they had put out Brandenburg Gate while they were on a major then things may have gone very differently for the band.

A1 Fabled World
A2 The Great Divide
A3 Brandenburg Gate
A4 Sky Is Falling
A5 Walk Away
A6 Song For Your Enemy
A7 Set Yourself On Fire
B1 All Of The Poison, All Of The Pain
B2 Break Something
B3 Without End
B4 Believer
B5 To Hell With Boredom
B6 Low Expectations
B7 The Debate Is Over (If You Want It)

American Fall LP
Anti-Flag's newest album. Just released on Spinefarm Records. They're really going for it on this one. Great songs. Imagine a really polished version of Rancid.

A1 American Attraction
A2 The Criminals
A3 When The Wall Falls
A4 Trouble Follows Me
A5 Finish What We Started
A6 Liar
B1 Digital Blackout
B2 I Came. I Saw. I Believed.
B3 Racists
B4 Throw It Away
B5 Casualty

American Reckoning LP $21.99
Anti-Flag's new acoustic album on Spinefarm Records. This record features songs from their last two albums plus some really cool covers.

PLEASE NOTE: I have one copy on white vinyl which was available exclusively from the band. It's mixed in with the others and one buyer will get it at random. It is not identifiable by the packaging.

A1 The Debate Is Over (If You Want It)
A2 Trouble Follows Me
A3 American Attraction
A4 When The Wall Falls
A5 Racists
B1 Set Yourself On Fire
B2 Brandenburg Gate
B3 Gimme Some Truth (John Lennon cover)
B4 For What it's Worth (Buffalo Springfield cover)
B4 Surrender (Cheap Trick cover)

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