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Anti-Flag on vinyl (1996 - 2008)


Image of Anti-Flag on vinyl (1996 - 2008)
  • Image of Anti-Flag on vinyl (1996 - 2008)
  • Image of Anti-Flag on vinyl (1996 - 2008)
  • Image of Anti-Flag on vinyl (1996 - 2008)
  • Image of Anti-Flag on vinyl (1996 - 2008)

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Anti-Flag has so many records out there that I need to condense them.

Die For The Government LP (1996) $19.99
Anti-Flag's acclaimed New Red Archives debut album reissued by Cleopatra records on red vinyl.

A1 You'd Do The Same
A2 You've Got To Die For The Government
A3 Drink Drank Punk
A4 Rotten Future
A5 Safe Tonight
A6 Red, White, And Brainwashed
A7 Davey Destroyed The Punk Scene
A8 Summer Squatter Go Home
A9 She's My Little Go Go Dancer
B1 Police State In The U.S.A.
B2 Punk By The Book
B3 Fuck Police Brutality
B4 I'm Being Watched By The CIA
B5 Kill The Rich
B6 No More Dead
B7 Confused Youth
B8 Your Daddy Was A Rich Man (Your Daddy's Fucking Dead)

Underground Network LP 2001 $17.99
Anti-Flag's 2001 Fat Wreck Chords debut.

A1 Angry, Young And Poor
A2 This Machine Kills Facists
A3 Underground Network
A4 Daddy Warbux
A5 Vieques Puerto Rico: Bikini Revisited
A6 Stars And Stripes
B1 Watch The Right
B2 The Panama Deception
B3 Culture Revolution
B4 Spaz's House Destruction Party
B5 Bring Out Your Dead
B6 A Start
B7 Until It Happens To You

Mobilize LP (A-F Records 2002) $16.99
A1 Windspitting Punk
A2 No Time To Play
A3 Nowhere Fast
A4 Keep Running
A5 Sustain
A6 One In All
A7 Derailer
A8 The Next In Line
B1 Sign It Away
B2 Time Tells Time
B3 Almost Brave
B4 Fifteenth And T
B5 London Drunk
B6 The Black Pint
B7 Bigot's Barrel
B8 A Step To Go

The Terror State LP (Fat Wreck 2003) $17.99
Arguably Anti-Flag's best album. This is the second album on Fat Wreck and the one that earned them a major label contract. Some of their most anthemic songs are on this album including Turncoat, You Can Kill the Protestor and Rank-N-File. Many of these songs are staples of Anti-Flag's live set today.

A1 Turncoat
A2 Rank-N-File
A3 Post-War Breakout
A4 Sold As Freedom
A5 Power To The Peaceful
A6 Mind The G.A.T.T.
B1 You Can Kill The Protester, But You Can't Kill The Protest
B2 When You Don't Control Your Government People Want To Kill You
B3 Wake Up!
B4 Tearing Down The Borders
B5 Death Of A Nation
B6 Operation Iraqi Liberation (O.I.L.)
B7 One People, One Struggle
B8 Fuck The Flag

The Bright Lights of America 2xLP $18.99
This is the second major label album by Anti-Flag and probably their most ambitious to date. It's been out of circulation for a few years. These are from the 2008 pressing. Double album. Three sides. Evidently the 4th side has an etching. It's presumed the vinyl is black as it has no sticker stating otherwise.

A1 Good And Ready
A2 The Bright Lights Of America
A3 Vices
A4 The Modern Rome Burning
A5 If You Wanna Steal
B1 No Warning
B2 Spit In The Face
B3 We Are The Lost
B4 Go West
B5 Smartest Bomb
C1 Shadow Of The Dead
C2 The Ink And The Quill
C3 Tar And Sagebrush
C4 I'm So Sick Of You (Bonus Track)
C5 Wake Up The Town (Bonus Track)

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