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Anti-Flag - Live, Vol 2 LP


Image of Anti-Flag - Live, Vol 2 LP

Anti-Flag consistently delivers multiple LP releases during each album cycle. Live, Vol 2 is on the band's, A-F Records. That fact make this second record in the series significantly more affordable that Vol 1. Live, Vol 2 is on blue and purple vinyl. They aren't repeating songs in this series. No song on Vol 2 appears on Vol 1 and vice versa.

A1 The Bright Lights Of America
A2 All Of The Poison, All Of The Pain
A3 Turncoat
A4 Angry Young And Poor
A5 Got The Numbers
A6 Safe Tonight
A7 I’d Tell You But...
A8 That’s Youth
B1 The Ranks Of The Masses Rising
B2 Spaz’s House Destruction Party
B3 This Is The New Sound
B4 Fuck Police Brutality
B5 1915
B6 911 For Peace
B7 Underground Network