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Andrew WK - I Get Wet LP


Image of Andrew WK - I Get Wet LP

Andrew WK's 2001 debut LP back on vinyl for the first time since Century Media did that double record version around 2010 or 2011. Now 18 years later, I Get Wet still holds up. It sounds, to me, like Rancid meets the Bosstones with the town lug-head writing the words. There is a simple brilliance to the Andrew WK character and these songs are perfectly written for maximum crowd participation even if it was the first time a person saw the show.

A1 It's Time To Party
A2 Party Hard
A3 Girls Own Love
A4 Ready To Die
A5 Take It Off
A6 I Love NYC
B1 She Is Beautiful
B2 Party Til You Puke
B3 Fun Night
B4 Got To Do It
B5 I Get Wet
B6 Don't Stop Living In The Red