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Alkaline Trio albums on vinyl


Image of Alkaline Trio albums on vinyl
  • Image of Alkaline Trio albums on vinyl

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Alkaline Trio ‎– Alkaline Trio LP $15.99

This is a collection of early singles and compilation tracks, originally released on Asian Man Records in 2000.
A1 Goodbye Forever
A2 This Is Getting Over You
A3 Bleeder
A4 I Lied My Face Off
A5 My Friend Peter
A6 Snake Oil Tanker
B1 Southern Rock
B2 Cooking Wine
B3 For Your Lungs Only
B4 Sun Dials
B5 Nose Over Tail
B6 '97

BYO Split Series 5: Alkaline Trio/One Man Army LP $17.99

2004 release on BYO Records. Alkaline Trio on Side A, One Man Army on Side B. Check out the other BYO splits here.
A1 –Alkaline Trio Fine Without You
A2 –Alkaline Trio Hating Every Minute
A3 –Alkaline Trio Dead And Broken
A4 –Alkaline Trio Sadie
A5 –Alkaline Trio If You Had A Bad Time
A6 –Alkaline Trio Wait For The Blackout
B1 –One Man Army The T.V. Song
B2 –One Man Army The Hemophiliac
B3 –One Man Army All The Way
B4 –One Man Army The Radio Airwaves Gave Me A Lobotomy
B5 –One Man Army I.F.H.A. (One Love)
B6 –One Man Army Let's Call It An Evening

Alkaline Trio ‎– This Addiction LP $23.99

Their 2010 album released on their own Heart & Skull label in conjunction with Epitaph.
A1 This Addiction
A2 Dine, Dine My Darling
A3 Lead Poisoning
A4 Dead On The Floor
A5 The American Scream
A6 Off The Map
B1 Draculina
B2 Eating Me Alive
B3 Piss And Vinegar
B4 Dorothy
B5 Fine

Alkaline Trio ‎– Damnesia 2xLP $25.99

2011 release on Heart & Skull/Epitaph. It's acoustic-ish re-recordings of some of their most popular songs with a couple of new songs thrown in. Side D is an etching.
A1 Calling All Skeletons
A2 Nose Over Tail
A3 This Could Be Love
A4 Every Thug Needs A Lady
A5 Clavicle
B1 Mercy Me
B2 The American Scream
B3 We've Had Enough
B4 Olde English 800
B5 I Held Her In My Arms
B6 Blue In The Face
C1 I Remember A Rooftop
C2 Private Eye
C3 You've Got So Far To Go
C4 Radio