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16.99 LP's - Banner Pilot, Tim Barry, Beach Slang, The Casualties, Direct Hit, The Dwarves, more


Image of 16.99 LP's - Banner Pilot, Tim Barry, Beach Slang, The Casualties, Direct Hit, The Dwarves, more

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Banner Pilot - Souvenir

Tim Barry - 40 Miller
A1 Intro
A2 Wezeltown
A3 Driver Pull
A4 40 Miler
A5 Adele And Hell
A6 Shed Song
A7 Bankers Dilemma
B1 Train Improv
B2 Hobo Lullaby
B3 T. Beene
B4 Fine Foods Market
B5 Amen
B6 Outro

Beach Slang ‎– The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us
A1 Throwaways
A2 Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas
A3 Noisy Heaven
A4 Ride The Wild Haze
A5 Too Late To Die Young
B1 I Break Guitars
B2 Young & Alive
B3 Porno Love
B4 Hard Luck Kid
B5 Dirty Lights
B6 1982

The Casualties ‎– We Are All We Have
A1 Carry On The Flag
A2 We Are All We Have
A3 Heart Bleeds Black
A4 Rise And Fall
A5 Apocalypse Today
A6 War Is Business
A7 In The Tombs
B1 Stand Against Them All
B2 Depression-Unemployment Lines
B3 Looking Thru Bloodshot Eyes
B4 Lonely On The Streets-Jersey City
B5 Life Clone
B6 Clockwork
B7 Rockers' Reggae (Working Man's Dub)

The Casualties ‎– Under Attack
A1 Under Attack
A2 Without Warning
A3 System Failed Us Again
A4 Social Outcast
A5 V.I.P.
A6 No Solution - No Control
B1 Down And Out
B2 In It For Life
B3 On City Streets
B4 Fallen Heroes

Direct Hit! ‎– Brainless God
A1 On And On
A2 The World Is Ending (No One Cares)
A3 Buried Alive
A4 Getting What He Asked For
A5 White Robes
A6 Heaven Is A Black Hole
B1 We're Fucked
B2 Bank Of Elevators
B3 Back To The Tower
B4 I Told You A Lie

Dwarves ‎– Are Born Again
A1 The Dwarves Are Still The Best Band Ever
A2 15 Minutes
A3 Stop Me
A4 Looking Out For Number One
A5 You'll Never Take Us Alive
A6 Bang Up
A7 We Only Came To Get High
A8 I Masturbate Me
A9 It's A Wonderful Life Of Sin
B1 Happy Birthday Suicide
B2 Fake ID
B3 Working Class Hole
B4 Futyd
B5 Candy Now!
B6 Do The Hewhocannotbenamed

Everybody Out! - s/t

The Falcon - Gather Up the Chaps
A1 The Trash
A2 War of Colossus
A3 Sergio's Here
A4 The Skeleton Dance
A5 Hasselhoff Cheeseburger
A6 Dead Rose
B1 The Fighter, The Rube, The Asshole
B2 If Dave Did It
B3 Sailor's Grave
B4 Glue Factory
B5 You Dumb Dildos
B6 Black Teeth