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$15.99 LP's - Red City Radio, Chuck Ragan, War on Women and more


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AJJ - The Bible 2 LP (Andrew Jackson Jihad)
A1 Cody's Theme
A2 Golden Eagle
A3 Junkie Church
A4 American Garbage
A5 No More Shame, No More Fear, No More Dread
B1 Goodbye, Oh Goodbye
B2 White Worms
B3 My Brain Is A Human Body
B4 Terrifyer
B5 Small Red Boy
B6 When I'm A Dead Boy

Andrew Jackson Jihad ‎– Christmas Island LP
A1 Temple Grandin
A2 Children Of God
A3 Do, Re, And Me
A4 Coffin Dance
A5 Getting Naked, Playing With Guns
A6 I Wanna Rock Out In My Dreams
B1 Kokopelli Face Tattoo
B2 Best Friend
B3 Linda Ronstadt
B4 Deathlessness
B5 Temple Grandin Too
B6 Angel Of Death

Nowherebound - Mockingbirds LP (IMPORT)
A1 Here I Am
A2 That Was Yesterday
A3 Culture Zero
A4 Two Introverts
A5 Pickup Truck
A6 Lonely As You
B1 Always And Forever
B2 Hell We Sent Over
B3 Throwing Rocks
B4 On A Long Night
B5 Rock N Roll
B6 Once Were Warriors
B7 Mockingbirds

Chuck Ragan - Covering Ground LP
A1 Nothing Left To Prove
A2 Nomad By Fate
A3 You Get What You Give
A4 Wish On The Moon
A5 Come Around
B1 Seems We're Ok
B2 Valentine
B3 Right As Rain
B4 Meet You In The Middle
B5 Lost And Found

Red City Radio - To the Sons & Daughters of Woody Guthrie 12"
Blue vinyl with black splatter.
A1 Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads
A2 No One Believes In Moons & Goochers
A3 We Are The Sons of Woody Guthrie
A4 If All Else Fails Play Dead
A5 Dead Friends Don’t Pay Debts
The B-Side is is a screened painting. I'll let you be surprised by it.

Roll the Tanks - Broke Til Midnight LP
A1 24th & Buckets
A2 Broke Til Midnight
A3 Toeing The Line
A4 Waiting On A Storm
A5 Goodnight Jimmy Lee
A6 Computer Money
A7 Record Players
B8 Hornet
B9 Lock Your Daughters Up
B10 Assumtion Army
B11 Insufficient Funds
B12 My Soapbox
B13 Pistolero

War on Women - s/t LP
A1 Servilia
A2 Say It
A3 Meathead
A4 Second Wave Goodbye
A5 Swagger
A6 Roe V. World
B1 Glass City
B2 Jordan
B3 Pro-Life?
B4 YouTube Comments
B5 Diana La Cazadora