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14.99 LP's - Sick of it All, Morning Glory and more


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Antagonizers ATL ‎– Working Class Street Punk LP

Deadaires - s/t LP
1 Start The Rotors
2 Constance Demario
3 New York Was A Bad Idea
4 Poor You, Poor Me
5 Hideout
6 Exit Polls
7 Time Ain't
8 Rosemary
9 Boom Boom
10 End The Rotors

Duff McKagan's Loaded - Sick LP
Yes, this is actually Duff McKagan from Guns N' Roses. And it's really, really good.

A1 Sick
A2 Sleaze Factory
A3 Iou
A4 The Slide
A5 Translucent
A6 Mother's Day
B1 I See Through You
B2 Forgive Me
B3 No Shame
B4 Blind Date Girl
B5 Wasted Heart
B6 No More

Jared Hart - Past Lives & Pass Lines LP
A1 The Guillotine
A2 The Leo
A3 Deacon Ain't Dead Yet
A4 Totem
A5 The Runaround
B1 Interlude
B2 Heads Or Tails
B3 Ditch Digger
B4 Basements
B5 Trenton Makes

Morning Glory - Post War Psalms 10"
1 Battle Song
2 Deaths Long Sing Song
3 Suicide Salad
4 So Many P-P-Problems
5 Accidental Suicide
6 Clean The World

Randumbs - It's About Time.... Again LP
A1 Disgruntled
A2 Dumpster Baby
A3 Vegas
A4 What? Where?
A5 Hey Little Girl
A6 Dumb Guy
A7 I Don't Care
A8 Methamphet A Queen
A9 Fifteen Years
A10 Semper Fi
B1 Mickey
B2 Martin Decker
B3 Raaka
B4 Knockdown Dragout
B5 Hydro Head
B6 Ass Kickin Junkies
B7 Here We Go
B8 Mr. Negative T
B9 No Work
B10 U.S.A.

The Scandals - Lucky Seven 12"
1. Lucky 7's
2. Emerald City
3. Hostage
4. Birthmarks
5. Calling Cards

Sick of it All - Life on the Ropes

Sick of it All - Death to Tyrants