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During COVID-19 Pandemic:

We are shipping during the Pandemic. Not as frequently as usual but still shipping. I try to get to the post office twice per week, early week and late week. There is no one there. I walk in the back door, leave the package and walk out the door without ever seeing a person so there's no cause for alarm. If things get crazier then they can pick up here.

No one needs to be alarmed about packages becoming contaminated in the shipping process. You can do your own research if you need to but even if someone coughed on the package while in transit then the virus would die long before you get it. It doesn't hurt to wash your hands after opening any outside packages though.

If you are a regular customer on this site and you are housebound, bored but broke, just get in touch with me. Obviously I know who my regular customers are. And if you're one of them then you can get me by email or the contact on this site.