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SLR News


Oxymoron's "Feed the Breed" LP and CD are at the pressing plant. This will be the first time that Feed the Breed will be available on vinyl in the US and the first time since 2001 that it is available outside of Germany. Release date info coming soon.


"They Came From Boston, Vol. 1" is available now from State Line Records on clear vinyl. Each of the bands got their own unique vinyl color option. If you want then red, orange or blue color option then you'll need to hit up Blood Stained Brindle (red), Duck & Cover (orange) and Stray Bullets (blue). We are distributing the clear vinyl option representing The Warning Shots.

The Warning Shots "Tonight!" will be available on February 24, 2017 along with Pinkerton Thugs "End of an Era" and Ducky Boys "Dark Days". Each album has a color option available exclusively in the Get-Punk.com store:

Ducky Boys - Yellow

Pinkerton Thugs - Red

The Warning Shots - Red