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Rancid - B and C Sides 2xLP


Image of Rancid - B and C Sides 2xLP

The distributor that handled this release has marked it as deleted. That could change in the future but for now it looks like this is going out of service. I have a limited number of copies of this. Less than a handful.

A1 Ben Zanotto
A2 Stop
A3 Devils Dance
A4 Dead And Gone
A5 Stranded
A6 Killing Zone
B1 100 Years
B2 Things To Come
B3 Blast Em'
B4 Endrina
B5 White Knuckle Ride
B6 Sick Sick World
C1 Tattoo
C2 That's Entertainment
C3 Clockwork Orange
C4 The Brothels
C5 Just A Feeling
C6 Brixton
D1 Empros Lap Dog
D2 I Wanna Riot
D3 Kill The Lights
D4 Blacklisted
D5 X-Mas Eve (She Got Up And Left Me)
D6 Fuck You.