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Q. Hey. Are these real albums or bootlegs?

A: They're real. I don't know how anyone could or would bootleg vinyl LP's since they cost so much to make but enough people have asked this that it is a FAQ.

Q: I'm in a band that you sell records by. Why aren't you paying me?

A: Because you're stupid. Metallica doesn't stand outside of Best Buy and ask for money from each sale of their CD's. Someone needs to teach you how the music business works.

Q: Where do you get these records?

A: From multiple sources. Most are purchased from a series of distributors that I have accounts with. Some come directly from the record labels that released them. Some come directly from the band.

Q: Do the bands get paid from sales on your site?

A: Not from the sales on the site. The bands get paid when I buy the LP's from the distributor. A distributor buys them from the record labels or another distributor and sells them to stores. When the store buys copies then they pay the record label for their sales. The record label then pays the bands/artists per the agreement of their contract. This site is simply a store similar to your local record store. Yes, we're legal and registered with Uncle Sam. When I can, I try to buy from the most direct source to the label so not as many people in the middle are wetting their beaks and taking a piece from the bands. For example, all titles by Blood for Blood and Hatebreed are purchased directly from Victory so that the sale goes into the band member's next accounting statement.

Q: Will you carry my band's CD?

A: No one buys CD's anymore. The only CD's we carry are State Line Records releases or albums that have not been released on LP. Unfortunately there is a limitation on the number of products allowed in each Big Cartel store so I am unable to do consignment agreements. Sorry.

Q: Who are the best selling bands on the site?

A: There are quite a few of them. Some bands that have racked up some big numbers are The Bruisers, Noi!se, Blood for Blood, Pinkerton Thugs, One Man Army, Off With Their Heads, Choking Victim, NOFX, Ducky Boys, Bouncing Souls, The Descendents, Lenny Lashley, Gang Green, Swingin Utters, Filthy Thieving Bastards, Oxymoron, Street Dogs and Slapshot. Then there are the usual suspects that you would expect to sell well like Rancid and Dropkick Murphys.