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State Line Records is a Boston-based punk rock label that launched in 2007. We're currently working on our SLR-20th release. Past releases include Ramallah, Ducky Boys and Sinners & Saints. Current releases by The Warning Shots, Pinkerton Thugs and Ducky Boys. Future releases coming from Ducky Boys, Oxymoron and Dirty Water among others.

Get-Punk.com is a part of SLR. This is a retail distribution site specializing in vinyl where you can get titles from multiple labels at prices lower than stores and save on shipping costs. We're trying to make this convenient for everyone. We try to our best to locate stock of forgotten gems and make them available to other record nerds.

We're always open to requests or special orders. Even suggestions. If there's a national band that you think should be represented then hollar at us. For the more underground bands, you can make recommendations but there's a limitation on items allowed in these stores so consignment is not an option at this time. If that changes then we'll make it known.